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Got a torn tire – Praise God!

210220091706 Was driving home from Los Banos with Dad when we got a flat tire on the upper right side of the car approaching our City. Now, here goes the story.

We passed by a fruit store and asked Dad if he would like to buy some for my nieces and nephew. He told me that he was really planning to buy some. So, I u-turned the car from the road to the rocky-soiled way… and boom! I heard a “balloon-like-sound that released some air on it”. Praise God we were just right near the fruit store and stopped by. We went out of the car immediately to check the tire…. and poof… it was torn real hard (as shown in the picture)! I might have passed through a nail or something really sharp that caused the tire to be torn that hard.

We asked the store owner if there’s a near mechanic or vulcanizing shop, and told us that there’s a near one just less than a kilometer away. Dad went to the shop and fetched the mechanic while I’m the one in charge of taking care of the car. Dad arrived with the mechanic. With less than 10-15 minutes, the torn tire was replaced with our spare tire.

I am sharing it with you with joy that everything was planned by God. First, our tire was that thin already that we really need to change it before going to Manila (we won’t be able to notice and change the thin tire if we didn’t had our tire torn. It’s hard to have a flat tire when you’re in the middle of a long travel). Second, we exactly landed right next to the store where we could safely stop by. Third, there was a near vulcanizing shop where we could ask for help.

You see? Everything was under the plan of God. You just need to look on the good side of it. You need to have faith in God that everything is under His will. Stay optimistic and keep your faith going!

One comment on “Got a torn tire – Praise God!

  1. jessica
    March 8, 2009

    so true. God has a plan for each of us.

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