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Is Pacquiao really the winner?

Photo Credit: Chris Farina

Majority of the people who watched the fight might be disappointed with the result of the match. Most of them expressed their opinion that Marquez should’ve won the match. But who is the real champ?

Here are some statistical records of the fight:

Round 1 – Pacquiao 10-9
Round 2 – Marquez 10-9
Round 3 – Even 10-10
Round 4 – Pacquiao 10-9
Round 5 – Marquez 10-9
Round 6 – Pacquiao 10-9
Round 7 – Marquez 10-9
Round 8 – Marquez 10-9
Round 9 – Even 10-10
Round 10 – Pacquiao 10-9
Round 11 – Marquez 10-9
Round 12 – Pacquiao 10-9

Unofficial score depending on the rounds: 115-115, a draw.

But here are the official scores from the judges:
Robert Hoyle – 114-114
Dave Moretti 115-113 Pacquiao
Glenn Trowbridge – 116-112 Pacquiao

It all went on a majority decision for Pacquiao. But how did that happen? Now, let’s look at one of the most important part of the match, the Statistics of the Punches thrown and landed:

Total Punches:
Pacquiao got 176 of 578 (30%) punches landed against Marquez’ 138 of 436 (32%)

Power Shots:
Pacquiao also dominated Marquez on all the powershots thrown and successfully landed with his 117 of 274 (43%) against Marquez’ 100 of 254 (39%)

Now, those statistics explained it all. Manny Pacquiao really won the match against Juan Manuel Marquez. It was a close match, and I have to give the credit to Marquez for giving such a great fight. He truly is a warrior but stats show who the champ really is. We might think that Marquez won the fight because at first, we are not satisfied with the match itself. We, not only the Filipinos, but all the people who watched the fight, are not used to see a fight like that from Pacquiao. We weren’t satisfied with what happened with the match but let’s face it. Satisfied or not, we should be proud that our kababayan will be bringing home the bacon. The fight was very close, but we all know now who really won the fight. There’s no need and there’s no reason to have another rematch.

It wasn’t the match that we were waiting for, but what the heck? I am still proud of you, Pacman! Thank you for making us proud! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

One comment on “Is Pacquiao really the winner?

  1. Baldomero Paelmo Bejosano
    November 13, 2011

    Kudos to you Joel! Well written analysis!

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