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Still Fighting

July 17, 2006: The day when I heard the words “You have cancer”.

These words pierced through my heart.

What can be more painful than hearing those words that you have been diagnosed with bone cancer?  What would a 16-year old kid actually do if he  was only given an approximately three to six months to live?


It’s been exactly six years since I was diagnosed with bone cancer. 6 years of learning, 6 years of growth. 6 years of healing, 6 years of a renewed faith. I  have experienced everything: being depressed,  being lonely and having lots of questions in my mind… BUT it was only just for a while. Why? Because of HIM.

He told me that I should never be afraid, and yes, He is right. He gave me comfort and assurance that everything will be okay. And yes, everything went well. Now, here I am…  6 years of being a survivor and still counting from the time that I was given a maximum of 6 months to live.

I am strong, I am happy… and I am contented… all because of HIS amazing grace. ALL BECAUSE OF GOD.

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