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Joel EmmanuelI’m Joel Emmanuel… all of 19… from the Philippines. I spent my first five years in Malaysia, where my expat Dad worked as Senior Communication Officer of an ASEAN organization. I am the youngest in the family; I have two brothers and four sisters.

I love reading and engaging in discussions on our political life. I don’t really have any preference for literary figures; I read just about anything that catches my fancy. I love playing and experimenting on my PC and my own troubleshooting. I also do image and video editing. I play the guitar too and sing quite well.

I’ll try to add more soon. This site is still under construction. Thanks.

Anyway, you can reach me too through:


2 comments on “Introduction.

  1. Pagong
    November 27, 2010

    Hoy, bente ka na! 😛 can sing quite well pala ha. 😛 hehe M.Y.S.M.

    • joelemmanuel
      November 27, 2010

      Wahaha adik ka pagong. Hehe tagal na nito, di ko na naupdate. Hehe. MYSM.

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